A downloadable game for Windows

Escape a place of corruption, where you will be tested by the dark and bound by the light. Fight to become stronger, more powerful, and escape your fate.


  • One playable level
  • Skill based combat mechanics
  • Character and item progression
  • Various enemy types
  • Dark Pixel Art style

Shackled is a 2D 'Souls-like' RPG with heavy inspiration taken from the Souls series, Diablo II, and various 2D Roguelike games, with a core focus on solid combat mechanics and various play styles supported through itemisation.

Currently the game features a short introductory tutorial level followed by one main playable level, in which the player fights through a dungeon. There are six base enemy types to fight, including two boss variations, random loot drops, and various possible stat-based character builds.

In addition to updating current and in-development content, we plan to release additional levels to expand on the story and world locations in order to see the player through to their end.

Supports play with both Keyboard / Mouse and Xbox controller.

In Development

  • Unique boss visuals
  • Custom UI elements
  • Improved environment depth
  • Additional special effects
  • Additional audio

Links & Contacts

Install instructions

  1. Download the .zip file
  2. Extract the files
  3. Open the folder
  4. Run Shackled.exe


Shackled_v0.1.2 (52 MB)


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It's a good game. Can't wait the development of this game. ^^

This is a really cool style. It'd be nice if you could sneak up on enemies though.

Glad you like it, and sneaking up on enemies is definitely something we'll look into adding. Thanks for the feedback.